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We can fix it!

At Jim's Specialty Shop we are experts in repairing chipped and damaged glass on any vehicle, motor home, truck, tractor, trailer, car, or heavy-duty equipment. No vehicle is too big or too small for us to fix.

Don't risk driving with a damaged windshield. We will work with your insurance carrier for repairs and replacements as your coverage permits.

Windshield Repair
Car Windshield
Wet Glass

Our on-site team can come to you, at home or at work!

Small chips and cracks caused by flying road debris, rocks, or weather are no problem for Jim's Specialty Shop. These small damaged areas can become big problems leading to obstructed views and rain penetration into a vehicle. Hear what other customers are saying about our incredible service.

Let our repair team fix it today!

Call us at 419-865-8139 to schedule your appointment

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